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We have put together the latest information and guidelines set out by the RCVS and the BVA.

Thank you to all our staff that have shown complete dedication and support during this challenging time.
We have had to be imaginative and create a new way of working to keep ourselves and you and your pets safe.

If you have any questions please phone the surgery 01268 682412

Routine Appointments
At this time we are currently NOT able to carry out any routine appointments and operations.
This includes vaccinations, claw clips, anal glands, neutering, lump removals and dental scale and polish of teeth.
These would be against Government guidelines under the unnecessary travel act.

For all emergencies please ring the surgery 01268 682412. We have a new protocol in place.
When you arrive at the surgery you will find the door locked. Please phone the surgery from your car 01268 682412 and wait in your car for instructions on how best to proceed.

If your pet is unwell and would like to seek veterinary advice.
We can arrange a telephone consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons. There is a charge for this service.
Alternatively you can email the surgery with any questions and we can ask a member of our team to ring or email you back.
Email address = You can include photo’s & video’s of your pet, with a brief description of your concerns.
All fees and medication can be paid for over the phone and can be collected from the surgery or we can arrange free delivery.

All our vaccination reminders are automatically generated. If your pets vaccinations are due or have lapsed.
Unfortunately at this time traveling to the surgery for a routine vaccination is deemed as unnecessary travel and against Government guidelines.

We can offer the following advice.
Following the Prime Minister’s #StayHomeSaveLives address on 23 March, BVA and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) issued a statement outlining the impact on veterinary practices. We agreed that veterinary practices could remain open, but the number of clients seen face-to-face should be kept to an absolute minimum and veterinary teams must insist on strict social distancing measures at all times.

We also agreed that routine treatments, other than those essential to maintaining the future food supply chain, should not be carried out until further notice.

We have received a lot of questions from vets and pet owners about how the new social distancing rules impact on pet vaccinations.
It’s important to remember that the current lockdown period is for three weeks and for the vast majority of pet vaccinations it is not urgent for them to be carried out in that time period. Adult boosters can and must be postponed for now. The vast majority of primary vaccinations in puppies, kittens and other naïve animals should also be delayed in order to protect human health in relation to halting the spread of Covid-19.

However, we recognise there may be a small number of exceptions where vaccination may be required. For example, shelter situations, disease outbreak situations, and naïve animals in high risk geographical areas, high risk environments, or high risk breeds.
Vets will exercise their clinical judgement in the spirit of protecting human health and the government’s instruction to people to stay at home and only travel if absolutely necessary.

If the government extends the current restrictions beyond three weeks, we may need to revisit our advice.

It is vital that veterinary practices see as few clients as possible face to face to protect vets, nurses and other veterinary team members so that they remain healthy and can continue to look after genuine urgent and emergency cases.

We’re asking the public to respect their veterinary teams and understand that they are doing their very best in difficult circumstances.

Vaccination advice at this time.
• Cats and kittens where possible should be kept indoors to help minimise their expose to any diseases or parasites.
• Puppies may have to stay with their breeders a little longer.
If they have been able to travel to their new home, it best to keep them indoors and possibly the back garden but be aware of wildlife.
• Adult dogs should be kept on the lead at all times while out on their walks so that a canine social distancing can be maintained along with their humans.
This will reduce their exposure to potentially unvaccinated animals and diseases. Avoid lakes, flooded areas and farm areas where the risk of leptospirosis will be the highest.
• Rabbits should be either kept indoors or have a fine mesh put over the hutches and runs to help minimise expose to insects and fleas that may be carrying Myxomatosis or RHD. Up to date parasite treatment is also advised to help reduce the risk of expose to these diseases.

As soon as the surgery is able to offer face to face consultations we can take bookings for pet vaccinations.

Repeat Medication
We have a new protocol in place.
We can organise your pets repeat medications.
Please allow 48 hours for us to order and prepare the medication.
We will ring you when the medication is ready and ask for you to pay over the phone as we cannot accept cash at this time.
When you arrive at the surgery you will find the door locked.
Please phone the surgery from your car 01268 682412 and we will advise you on how to collect your pets medication.
If you are self-isolating or have symptoms of Covid-19 or unable to collect your pets medication, please let us know when you place the order and we can arrange for the medication to be delivered.

Pet Food
We are still able to order your pets prescription and maintenance diets. Please allow 48 hours for us to order in the pet food.
Please call the surgery 01268 682412 to place an order, once the order has arrived at the surgery, we will call you to take payment over the phone and arrange a collection time or delivery time.

For any other questions please either email or phone the surgery. Keep up to date on our Facebook page and our website.
We would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding.


Dr Calum Maclean B.V,M.&S./M.R.C.V.S Practice Principal and all the Team at Riverside Vets Canvey

Coronavirus information from Riverside Vets
Coronavirus information from Riverside Vets
Coronavirus information from Riverside Vets